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BACS approved bureau

Payroll service for any charity or direct payment based in the UK

Detailed payslips
Payslips show line by line detail of how the gross pay (hours and hourly rate etc.) is calculated together with deductions, and employer contributions.

Also shown are name and address, NI number, tax code and payment method, and

Easy to understand reports
Reports can be by department, or show department headings and employee reference numbers if required.

All our reports are clearly presented for ease of interpretation.

Employees and tax paid by BACS 
Facilities are available to pay both employees, and taxes by BACS.

Annual return filed electronically - at no extra charge
The Annual Return is filed with HM Revenue & Customs electronically bu us, after we have reconciled the tax paid for the year. Forms P60 are provided for all employees at the end of the tax year.

There is no additional charge for this service.

Starters / Leavers
P45 are provided for leavers..

We also file the starter forms electronically with HM Revenue & Customs

There is no additional charge for electronic filing.

Low monthly fixed cost
Our fees are fixed, based upon the number of employees processed, and the frequency of payroll runs. Fees are paid monthly.

Prompt return of reports and payslips (email option available)
Pyrolls are normally posted the day after receipt of the information, by first class post. Special Delivery by Royal Mail is available as an option, and is standard for larger payrolls.

For payrolls which are not time sensitive, reports are posted well in advance of the nominated payment date.

All reports can be sent by email (PDF format) if requested, at no extra charge, the same day as the payroll is run.